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About Kristian



Everyone calls me Ian for short. I was born in Dubai U.A.E. then I moved to the US to study and then I eventually moved to the Philippines. Why Philippines you asked? I have always heard great stories about the Philippines back in LA that I decided to take a one-way trip back to the motherland. My hobbies would include taking photos, videos, surfing, football, music and anything fun! Approximately eight years ago, I started “Stuck in the Philippines” as outlet where I basically talked my experiences in the Philippines. I would talk about places that I have traveled into the Philippines but I gradually started talking about events, concerts, and food It was in 2014 where I got so involved with the corporate world that I barely had time to maintain my blog so I left “Stuck in the Philippines” for a short period of time. Since then I have experienced all the beauty that the Philippines has to offer. I decided to go back to blogging and share my experiences with the world. I still keep But I decided to open a personal website.  I hope that you enjoy my new website as I have enjoyed creating it.

Send me an email if you want to contact me. 🙂

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