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Fumizen Japanese Restaurant: Best Tonkatsu In Manila

Japanese food seems to be a new trend aside from Korean food that is in Manila. I have been to a lot of Japanese restaurants and each one it’s unique with its own Japanese dishes. I got a chance to try some tonkatsu at the Fumizen Japanese restaurant in Quezon City! I got the chance […]


Unlimited Ramen At Yummy Tokyo

  • September 15, 2019

It’s the BER month, and Manila is getting chillier nowadays. It’s time to get that ramen fix that you crave but at the same time warm you up at Yummy Tokyo. Manila has a lot of great places that make great ramen but what make this ramen place so different? I just had to start […]


Unlimited Japanese dishes at HODAI

Hodai in Japanese literally means “Unlimited” so you can imagine my excitement! I have been going to a lot of Korean buffets but I can’t seem to find a Japanese restaurant that serves unlimited Japanese food. That’s when I discovered Hodai up in Quezon City. I didn’t mean the long trip since Japanese cuisine is […]

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