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Konnichiwa X Konbanwa Opens Up In Quezon City

I needed another Japanese foodie place to kick it but this time with awesome bar food and delicious drinks! I was invited to the opening of Konnichiwa X Konbanwa and I was one of the lucky few people to try out their unique dishes and where they got their inspiration from. The Konnichiwa Roll was […]


Unlimited Ramen At Yummy Tokyo

  • September 15, 2019

It’s the BER month, and Manila is getting chillier nowadays. It’s time to get that ramen fix that you crave but at the same time warm you up at Yummy Tokyo. Manila has a lot of great places that make great ramen but what make this ramen place so different? I just had to start […]


Get Charged Up At Megawatt Pizza & Steak

I have been craving for some American food. You can’t blame me since I lived in Arizona and I love some good old American food every once in a while. We have a lot of engineers from my dad side of the family and they love to eat good food while shopping for tools. Back […]


Unlimited Japanese dishes at HODAI

Hodai in Japanese literally means “Unlimited” so you can imagine my excitement! I have been going to a lot of Korean buffets but I can’t seem to find a Japanese restaurant that serves unlimited Japanese food. That’s when I discovered Hodai up in Quezon City. I didn’t mean the long trip since Japanese cuisine is […]

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