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Black Sugar Opens Another Store In Ayala Malls, Manila Bay

Milk teas shops have been opening up all over the country and the milk tea craze is getting crazier than before! Another player to join the game is Black Sugar and they opened their next cafe at the Ayala Malls, Manila Bay. Black Sugar in Ayala Malls. Manila Bay is not like any other milk […]


Hong Kong MX Mooncake Has Made It To Manila

The Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate in Manila then have the famous Hong Kong MX Mooncake in the country. I haven’t really tried the mooncakes and I was so eager to try once I got invited to their media event. Hong Kong MX is actually Hong Kong best-selling brand […]


Experience Okada Manila’s New Luxury Villas

Okada Manila continues to outdo itself. The last time I was here, I checked out the Celebrity Suite and the Manila Bay Suite. I had a great time there and enjoyed the great hospitality that Okada Manila has to offer. This time Okada Manila is opening its doors to the biggest room surprise yet,  the […]

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