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Top Pinoy Food To Try At Cuesina

Everyone loves a good Filipino food every once in a while. However, it’s hard to find a nice cozy place to eat Filipino, especially in an exclusive mall-like Festival Mall. I took some time off and tried some Pinoy food. You have to try some of the best BBQ skewers down in the south. They […]


Must-Try Camiguin Food At J & A Fishpen Resort And Restaurant

  • September 21, 2019

I love traveling around the Philippines and trying out different Filipino food. This time, I was at the J & A Fishpen Resort and Restaurant in Camiguin and the place did not disappoint! It’s a typical Filipino seafood restaurant but they got their own fish pens where they catch their own fish. The fish caught […]


Delicious Filipino Food At Bangihan Ni Kuya Restaurant

I was traveling when our group got hungry and decided to do a quick pit stop at this restaurant called Bangihan Ni Kuya Restaurant. Bangihan basically means “grilled” in Tagalog. I was struck by how huge the restaurant was. I felt like I was at a resort. The owner is a Filipino expat living in […]

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