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Lempuyang Temple – Bali, Indonesia


This is the place that every tourist in Bali should go to and that’s the “Lempuyang Temple”. It’s a long way to the temple and you need to wear a “sarong” since it is a religious place and there are worshippers praying over the place. It’s around 15-20 minute walk so you might want to head to the temple around 8AM.

The moment I got there I was blessed with “Holy Water”. I finally got a photo between the two pillars and with the mountain in full view. I actually had two photographers take my photo for me. You can walk around but you’re not allowed to go up to the main temple unless you are  Buddhist.

Either way, this place is a great for a quick photo shoot and another photo to add to your tourist adventure.

Price: FREE (You just need to donate some money to locals to enter the temple and have your photo taken:.



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