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Athefhasan Shawarma House – Las Pinas


I was born and raised in the Middle East so I guess I consider myself an expert on Middle Eastern food. Living in the Philippines made me some some authentic Middle Eastern food like “Shish Tawook”, “Chicken Tikka” and the list endless! But for everyday snack for us “Dubaiyans” our merienda was our “Shawarma”.

I tried countless of shawarmas in the Philippines but none of them taste remotely to the shawarma that I had back home. Living in the South also does not make it easier for me until I found this great place which has shawarma almost similar to the shawarma that I had back home.

I found this place called “Athefhasan Shawarma House”. It cost around P70 but it has almost has the same size and taste as the shawarma back home. I invite most of my friends who are Dubai and from the Middle East to hang out here so that we can reminsce about the good times we had back home in Dubai. Philippines is my new home but hometown will always be in  in Karama, Dubai U.A.E.


Address: BF Resort Drive, Las Pinas

Shawarma Price: P70

Open Hours: Everyday 11AM-11PM




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