Retreat To Bag-Angan Farm And Resort

There are times that I just want to get away from the world. No traffic, no phone and just disconnect from the world. I got invited to visit Bicol and check out the Bag-Angan Farm and Resort. I was told that it will be a great experience to get away from everything. Besides, I needed a break from the corporate world and away from Manila for the time being.

It was a 9-hour bus ride all the way to Bicol but this would depend on traffic. Once we, we got there, we had to travel to Bag-Angan Farm and Resort by truck. This was quite an experience since there are no developed roads leading to the farm. It was a rocky and fun experience although there were times that my butt did hurt. It gives you a feeling on how the locals move around here.

. The truck that we used to get to the resort. It was a fun and rocky experience!

Once I got there, I was really intrigued by the rice farms all around me. It reminded me of my farm back in Quezon Province. They had two great pools and I was told this was built by man-made tools with no cement. The water also used was fresh from the mountain so you can actually enjoy the fresh mountain water. They also have a small basketball and volleyball court so they do have a few activities at the resort.

The water is from the mountains and rivers. Such a cool way to relax!
Loving this place! Check out the farm and the volleyball court nearby.

The real tourist attraction would be Bag-Angan Cave. We had to walk through the farms, a bunch of wet rocks, crossed a few rivers and finally had to climb the hill to enter the Bag-Angan Cave. Along the way, I took a quick dip into the deep pond and drank fresh water. Such an awesome experience.

Trekking but need to be careful on this narrow pathway
One of the many challenges along the way. Walking on these rocks
Drinking fresh water along the way. It was my first time to do this in the Philippines
You need to extra careful on these rocks. It’s great for a photo shoot!
I was too tired and took a dip into this tiny pond. It was amazing

The cave was an amazing experience. Although it’s not fit for people who are claustrophobic and aren’t afraid of bats. I have been to a lot of caves but this is the first actual experience where I actually experience bats flying all around me. I also discovered this small hole where you really need to squeeze your body into the hole in order to get to the other side of the cave.

Enter the cave and you get this amazing view
Time to enter this small hole in the cave
Time to go down into the cave

We had our own mini cottage. The place has no electricity and we relied on solar-powered energy from the sun. The bathroom was pretty decent which has it’s own shower and toilet seat which is something I did not expect. The kitchen is pretty decent as well if you plan to bring your food so that you can cook. Once the sun sets, we have to rely on the generator for light and the flaming torches. Remember, there is no electricity, so you have no TV or mobile signal. The best thing about this is that you are forced to talk to other people and get to know each other. You’ll be surprised by what you can learn from other people!

No electricity. Just nature
Every morning, I wake up to a great view!
Once it hits night time, all you have left is the flaming torches by the pool
Nothing but the flame torches
I had to shoot some hoops before the sunset. Check out the carabao in the background!

Bag-Angan Farm and Resort

  • Pros: Amazing view of the mountain and the farms
  • Cons: No mobile signal. 🙂 No store nearby so you need to buy drinks and chips. Lots of mosquitos so you need to ask for the mosquito net. Once the generator stops working, all you have is the flame torches and moonlight.
  • Tips: Bring water shoes and a hard hat for caving. It would be a good idea to bring a power bank and a USB light so you can eat your midnight snack.
  • Price: P100 per head for the day tour. P3000 for an overnight stay at the cottage good for six (6) people
  • Offer: They offer a swimming pool, huts, volleyball and basketball
  • Location: Guisican Labo, Camarines Norte
  • Contact Number: 0916 534 6351

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Kristian Marfori

Everyone calls me Ian. This website is about my everyday life experiences. Back in 2011, I use to write on my first blog. I started this website as place where I can express my creative inside.

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Everyone calls me Ian. This website is about my everyday life experiences. Back in 2011, I use to write on my first blog. I started this website as place where I can express my creative inside. I love visiting new places, listening to music and anything fun. 


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