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Santa Monica Pier – Los Angeles, California

Santa Monica Pier is not have one of the best beaches that I have been to but it’s a must place visit for tourists. It’s a long walk around the area and the admission is free. However, wherever I walk; I can smell weed all over the place.

Weed is now legal in LA so I guess that should cover everything up. There are many places to take great photos. You can take photos even under the pier. You just have to careful since there are many homeless people living under the pier as well.

It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the cold breeze under the pier in which I actually enjoyed it. I just noticed that the beach was cloudless but I actually met some nice people on the beach who actually offered me weed and CDs. I’ll be sure to visit again but this time with friends.

Free Parking

Free Admission

Free WiFi



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