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Popeyes in the Philippines

Late Night at Popeyes Chandler, AZ, USA

News is buzzing around that the famous Popeye’s will be heading to the Philippines and no one is way more excited than me! I grew up to Popeyes in Dubai and in Arizona. It’s great to know that Louisiana favorite chicken will be close by. Now, what’s the deal big deal with Popeye’s?

KFC has been one of my favorite fried chicken but I prefer Popeyes or Churches’s Chicken. What’s the difference with Popeye’s? KFC chicken is a bit smaller and it has a lot of oil but you gotta give props since they got their secret recipe to make up for the taste.

A Teaser: Inside look of the store

What’s the fuzz with Popeyes? The chicken is a lot bigger and it’s less greasy. I prefer the taste of Popeyes since it’s hot and not a lot of oil when you bite into the chicken. I can’t also forget their chicken tenders, fries, sides and of course, their signature sauces! They also got sandwiches and desserts but hey, I’m here for the chicken! Just can’t wait for my next bite of Popeyes chicken! Mmmm!

Took some chicken home. Looks good, doesn’t it?


Photo Credits: Kristian Marfori



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