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West Coast Favorite Burger Joint: In-N-Out

Every time I head back to Arizona or California, I gotta head to In-N-Out! It’s my favorite burger joint in America besides Five Guys and Burger King. If you’re a newbie, you gotta try the Double Double. This burger, mmmm just cheese and beef patty is like heaven in your mouth. Better to eat it when it’s still hot and don’t forget to add the ketchup. Make sure that you try not to spill it since you’ll definitely waste your burger.

My favorite fries in the world. Animal Fries!

To add to my Double Double, you need your unlimited soft drink and best of all the Animal Fries! This will fill you up along with your Double Double. Every time I head back to the states, In-N-Out is my first fast food chain to visit. Other then Churches’s and Popeye’s of course. 🙂

Photo Credits: Kristian Marfori



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