Masungi Georeserve, Philippines

Masungi Georeserve at Rizal is quite an experience especially with the Vlog Squad members, Coraleen Waddell, Daniel Marsh, Jako De Leon and Bret Maverick. To go on the trek, you really need lots of water and a few snacks. It took us around 4 hours to cover everything and you have to be really careful since there is no safety harness and you could easily fall from the high hilltops.

This is one long tunnel!

Iconic photos you can take is lying down on this giant hammock known as the Duyan. It’s really relaxing especially when you see the trees and other surroundings below you. Nothing beats the Sapot which is basically a giant spider web and you will have a giant spider waiting for you.

Relaxing at the Duyan with the Vlog Squad

         Met this giant spider at the Sapot. I hope none of you guys have arachnophobia 

With Coraleen Waddell at the Sapot

Photo Credits: Kristian Marfori

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