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The Future of Pizza Delivery

Pizza delivery has existed for as long as most of us can remember (the first known example was in 1889). For a long time, pizza was entirely ordered by phone and delivered by staff hired by the pizzeria. Today, many pizzas are ordered from apps and delivered by third-party services. What is next for the pizza delivery business?

Autonomous Delivery

In the not-so-distant future, you may be searching for “pizza specials near me tonight” and placing an order with a major chain. However, unlike conventional pizza delivery, this pizza won’t be brought by the restaurant’s staff. It won’t even be brought by a third-party driver. Instead, it could be brought to you by a drone or autonomous vehicle.

The major pizza chains are exploring the possibility of autonomous delivery. While there is still a lot to improve to make this option viable, there have already been tests of the concept. We may be a lot quicker than you think to having a robot bring your food to your door.

Ordering by Everything

As mentioned above, the phone used to be the dominant medium for ordering pizza delivery. Today, apps offer easier ordering and features like a pizza delivery tracker. Many apps are being released for other platforms. For example, Papa John’s has created a way to order right from Apple TV. Other apps include virtual assistant and smartwatch ordering.

Before you know it, you will be able to order pizza from just about every electronic in your house. Pizza brands want to make it easy for you to place your order. Expect to see apps for more TV-connected devices and potentially even your fridge door. These ordering options encourage diners to order more pizza more often by making it the most convenient choice.

Perhaps the wildest version of this is an eye-tracker technology that can seemingly read your mind. It is still in its infancy but before you know it, you won’t even have to press a button to order your pizza.

Cutting Waste

A lot of people are concerned about the amount of food waste our society generates. This encourages them to order more conscientious food options. A related trend can be seen in the growing popularity of vegan pizza delivery. Cutting down the negative impact of ordering food can help brands reach conscientious millennial buyers.

Of course, a lot of waste reduction comes down to the people buying pizza. However, you can also expect to see restaurants trying to enable this with more manageable portion sizes.

Some third-party apps may also help people get food at a discount that would otherwise be going to waste. This has long been a complaint of critics of the food industry.

Explore the Latest Features

While some of these trends and features may need to wait for the future, you can see many interesting ideas already on your favorite pizza apps. Order a pizza for tonight and see what unique and powerful features the app has in store for you. The future of pizza delivery will be different but it may be closer than you think.



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