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With The New Try Galaxy, Discover The World Of Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Try Galaxy App 2 (1)

The Try Galaxy app makes it simple for smartphone customers who want to #SwitchToGalaxy but want to try it out first to do so.

Samsung Try Galaxy App 2

A web-based application called the Try Galaxy app was created specifically to give non-android people a taste of the fantastic Galaxy experience. All users have to do to add the app to their home screens is scan the QR code above or go to on their browsers. The updated One UI 4.1.1, which is now tailored for the foldable experience, will be featured in an interactive simulation of the Samsung Galaxy user interface that will be launched.

Users may anticipate immersive demonstrations of the essential elements that distinguish the Galaxy experience from others with Try Galaxy. Prior to switching, consider the following factors:

Tutorials for the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4

The experiment will demonstrate how the hands-free and multi-window capabilities of both devices allow greater flexibility and productivity.

Samsung Try Galaxy App 1

Camera & Gallery for the Galaxy

Discover the built-in Object Eraser and Photo Remaster capabilities of the Galaxy, two essential camera features for young content producers. With the help of a fun, interactive tutorial video, the Try Galaxy app also enables customers to discover what makes the FlexCam on the ZFlip unique.

Samsung Try Galaxt App 3

Tools & Themes for Customizing the Galaxy

The Galaxy experience offers everything, including customized color schemes, themes, and emoji combinations. With the help of the Galaxy Themes, users are encouraged to attempt designing their interface in a way that is as true to their individual style as they can.

Simulation of the Galaxy Ecosystem

View simulated pages of the incredible settings and features of Galaxy. With a condensed virtual experience of numerous Galaxy capabilities relating to calls and messages, as well as in-app demonstrations of the Privacy, Smart Switch, Samsung Health, and Quick Share dashboards, the Try Galaxy app offers a realistic glimpse of its ecosystem.

Check out Samsung Kids, Game Launcher, Galaxy Store, Galaxy Wearable, and SmartThings for further simulations and in-app instructions. Users can easily decide to #SwitchToGalaxy by using the Try Galaxy app to learn how simple, logical, and adaptable the Galaxy experience is.

By scanning the QR code above or going to, you can download the Try Galaxy app right now.



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